Lets Talk About Eggs....

If you have tried the eggs that Off the Farm Food offers you know there is a HUGE difference between our pastured eggs and what you find in the grocery store. Today we would like to share with you some interesting facts that you may not know about grocery store eggs, along with the key differences between those eggs and ours.

First lets start with grocery store eggs

  • The eggs you find on the grocery store shelf typically are not fresh. In some cases they can be months old.

  • The term free range, cage free, or vegetarian fed mean nothing when it comes to eggs. This is simply a marketing term and they are basically same as the eggs you find without this label..

  • Eggs with an Organic label only certify that the hens were fed an organic feed, free of unnatural fertilizers or pesticides — but that’s about it. Organic chickens can (and almost always are) crammed together in factory farms and never allowed the opportunity to go outside to act like chickens should, like pecking for bugs and eating grass.

  • Grocery store eggs have been washed (with detergent) and treated with chemicals to sanitize them. This is required by the FDA. When an egg is washed it removes the "bloom", which is a protective barrier that occurs naturally on the eggshell. The bloom keeps the egg fresh and free of harmful bacteria. Washed eggs = no bloom.

  • Chickens that are not pastured live in horrible and inhumane conditions. They can be disease ridden, beaks removed, pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, fed grain that contains GMO's, fertilizers or pesticides, and crammed into filthy cages or housing units. Unhealthy animals/living conditions = unhealthy food.

  • Be careful of eggs that come from farms where you do not know their farming practices. Just because the eggs come from a farm does not mean they are pastured, treated humanely, or raised on a pesticide/chemical/GMO free farm.

Now lets look at the pastured eggs that Off the Farm Food offers:

  • The chickens are fully pastured, which means they are free to come and go from shelter to the outdoors at their discretion, but live their lives free to roam.

  • They live in a stress free and humane environment

  • The chickens are raised on farms that do not use chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or GMO's

  • The eggs are not washed which leaves them in their natural state and the way nature intended. The "bloom" remains on the egg which keeps it fresh for long periods of time and acts as a barrier against bacteria.

  • The farms where our eggs come from raise their animals like they are family. They are free to roam, provided fresh and clean water, given ample shade and shelter, and moved several times each day to a different part of their pasture so they can eat a variety of grasses and clover.

  • When you buy our eggs you are supporting farmers who practice sustainable farming methods and go above and beyond to raise healthy and happy animals

Washing Eggs

To wash or not to wash? There are many schools of thought on this and I feel it is completely a matter of personal preference. I do not wash the eggs that I order each month, as I want my eggs in the most natural state possible, which means the bloom is still on the egg until I crack it open to eat. Sometimes you will find a little dirt, a feather, or bits of grass on the eggs or in the egg carton, and to me this is part of what comes with buying eggs fresh off the pasture. If you feel more comfortable washing your eggs I highly recommend reading the following article that gives tips on the safest way to go about washing: https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-clean-eggs-3016789

You can find pastured eggs on our website at https://www.offthefarmfood.com/eggs-c1jkx

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