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   How  it  works:


There are no membership fees, no commitment and no minimum orders.

Order only what you want, when you want.


  • We order with the farms once a month.  There is a set monthly deadline that all orders have to be received by.  Click here for the monthly order schedule​

  • You can order as much or as little as you would like, simply pick and choose the products you want and add them to the cart. 

  • Select one of our 10 order pick up locations so we know where to send your order.  We charge a $5.00 pick up fee which goes directly to our site managers to compensate them for the time they spend handing out orders.  Click here for our order pick up locations 

  • Keep in mind that most of the meat we offer is priced per pound, so your final invoice may be higher/lower than your original order.​  Under the "description" of each cut of meat you can find an approx. weight and cost of each package.  Please order by package of meat based on the average size/weight of each cut.

  • Payment is not collected through our website.  You will receive a final invoice via Quickbooks the week before order pick up with instructions on how to pay at that time.

  • We will send you an order confirmation email shortly after our due date as well as an order pick up reminder email the morning of your scheduled order pick up day.

  • Pick up and pay for your order on the date scheduled for your location.  Click here for order pick up dates and times

Please note that we pay for all orders in advance, and therefore are not able to cancel or refund orders after the scheduled order deadline date has passed each month.  

Please reach out to us anytime with questions!


     Happy Eating!

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