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Our chicken comes from Windy Meadows Family Farm out of Campbell, TX.

 100% pasture raised in moveable yurts using regenerative land practices. The chickens have constant access to sunshine while foraging on grasses, seeds, insects and even frogs and rodents (chickens are not vegetarian)!  Chickens living in movable yurts cannot be compared to chickens housed in buildings with occasional access to the outdoors.  100% hormone, antibiotic, chemical, vaccine, gmo, corn, and soy free (it's hard to find chicken that is corn and soy free)!  Windy Meadows also processes their own chicken so it's fresh and usually packaged just days before we receive our order!  The Hale family pastured chicken graces the tables of the AREA'S FINEST RESTAURANTS!  This chicken doesn't even compare to store bought- you'll never go back!  This truly is the best you'll ever have!  Know the difference, taste the difference!


Prices are per pound.  Approx. weight and cost are in each description.  Please order quantity based on how many packages are needed.

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