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 Our      Meats

Our meat comes from local farms and ranches who we know and trust.  Each farm we partner with raises their animals ethically and practice sustainable farming methods.  The beef we offer is grass-fed and grass-finished and the chicken and pork are fully pastured.
We believe the meat we offer is the cleanest and healthiest out there. There are no hormones, antibiotics, fillers or gmos.   Our farms do not use pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.  Our meat is truly beyond organic!
Please note that our meat is priced per pound. 
Holy Cow Angus Beef
 Ground Beef        Hamburger Patties
 Cuts of Steak       Sausage Patties
 Roasts                   Boiling Bones
 Ribs                       Stew Meat
 Broth                     German Sausage
Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef
 Ground Beef        Beef Snack Sticks
 Cuts of Steak        Sausage
 Roasts                    Liver
 Stew Meat             Tongue
 Kebab Meat           Soup Bones
 Fajita Meat             Longhorn Heart
 Oxtail                     Osso Buco Bones
 Knuckle Bones     Marrow Bones 
Frankie's Fresh Foods

Lamb and Pork
Windy Meadows Chicken
 Breasts                  Thighs
 Wings                   Quarters
 Bone Broth          Whole Chicken    
 Sausage                Ground Chicken
 Feet                       Carcasses
 Hearts                   Liver 
Full Quiver Farms Pork
Ground Pork        Breakfast Links
 Cutlets                 Chops
 Roast                    Ribs
 Bacon                   Sausage
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