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a b o u t   O f f   t h e   f a r m   f o o d


Tanya Tollefson, owner and Flower Mound Site Manager

Off the Farm Food specializes in sourcing 100% grass fed/finished and pastured meats direct from local farms as well as locally crafted dry goods. We partner with farms who raise their animals ethically and practice sustainable farming methods, which in turn provides us with clean food. The animals are raised outside on pasture their entire lives and have the freedom to roam, forage and eat a variety of food that mother nature provides them. This in turn lets the animals live a healthy, disease and stress free life without the need for hormones or antibiotics. Our partnerships with

farms and local artisans reduces our carbon footprint as well.


In today's busy world I understand that most people would like to eat clean food but may not have the time it takes to drive to various farms and farmers markets. I created this website to serve as a "one stop shop" for clean food- you can order grass fed/grass finished beef, pastured chicken, pork and lamb, pastured eggs, raw milk cheese, raw local honey, organic elderberry syrup, and lacto-fermented foods, (just to name a few) and have your order delivered to one of our 10 order pick up locations throughout the DFW area. (Flower Mound, Highland Village, Grapevine, Coppell, Roanoke, Kaufman, Richardson, Frisco (2 places) and Mansfield).


I am proud to support to these small, local farms and artisans who do things the right way

(the way nature intended) which is in stark contrast to traditional factory farming.

It's one of the key things that drives my passion! 

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