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G r a s s   f e d   a n g u s   b e e f 

American Grassfed Association certified Angus beef from Holy Cow Farms is out of Lubbock, TX. The 100% grassfed/grass finished black Angus are humanely and sustainably raised with care to improve soil and water quality which regenerates the land (the way nature intended to be fertilized).  The cattle are rotationally grazed year round on herbicide and pesticide free forage and are never given growth hormones or antibiotics.  Extra care is taken to minimize stress before and during slaughter.  Grassfed beef is high in omega-3, and vitamins A,D,E and K when compared to grain fed beef.

Prices are per pound.  Approx. weight and cost are in each description. Please order quantity based on how many packages are needed.

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