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Where Does Our Food Come From?

If you buy meat for your family from a conventional grocery store quite simply you may never have the answer to this question. This is what makes Off the Farm Food the best place around to buy meat; we know EXACTLY where the meat comes from. We know the farmer, where the farm is located, their farming practices, how the animals are raised, what the animals are fed, and when the meat was processed. And as an added bonus you get to support local farms who practice sustainable farming.

The search for meat that is "beyond organic" and knowing where our food comes from is what got Off the Farm started back in 2013, and continues to be our passion today. On our updated website we have included links on our home page that introduce you to our farms so you can meet the farmers and read about their farming practices. We will be digging in deeper with more background on these farms through this blog and also plan to write about every "pantry" product we offer. We feel it is important for you know exactly where the food you are buying comes from.

Every small business and farm that we partner with has a story, and we are excited to be able to share those stories with you through this blog. Keep an eye out for our first "Small Business Spotlight" next week.

Thank you for supporting Off the Farm Food!

Jennifer Cowley

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