Booth's Brew Kombucha

There is no denying the numerous health benefits packed into a bottle of kombucha. This fizzy probiotic drink is made with green or black tea , sugar, and a culture of yeast and bacteria (affectionately given the nickname "The Mother") and is well known for its fermented goodness. The health benefits associated with kombucha are improved digestion, boosting the immune system, aids in weight loss, helps ward off cancer, lowers cholesterol, and improves energy, just to name a few.

Off the Farm Food carries a line of kombucha from Booth's Brew, a cool little family owned and operated shop located in Denison, Texas. We feel it is the best kombucha around and our customers are singing their praises as well! I recently asked Kassy of Booth's Brew to tell us their story and we are excited to share it with you today!

(Kassy and Todd Brazier and their son, Booth)

How long have you been making Kombucha?

"I have been making it for years and years. It started out after funding was cut in my department and my position was eliminated. I became a SAHM with extra time on my hands so I started making it at home and really loved the process and creativity of it. It just continued to grow from there and we eventually got rid of our dryer and put in racks in our laundry room and I had about 10 gallons going all the time. We would give it away to Todd's co-workers and then started trading it to the couple we bought eggs from. She told her customers about it and then we had more people wanting it.

We had always wanted to run a business together. Todd has been in the health food industry for over 12 years and so it just seemed like a no brainer to go for it. After we opened, Todd thought we should have another offering for people who don't necessarily dig kombucha. He started making his non-alcoholic ginger beer which also contains probiotics and is a natural anti-inflammatory. It tastes amazing and makes the best Moscow mules I have ever tasted!"

How long does it take to make each batch?

"It takes about 2 weeks from start to finish to make a batch of kombucha. Everything we do is by hand from labeling to bottling and capping. And all of our batches are small batch. The largest vessel we ferment in is no larger than 2 gallons. We will never increase that either. It may take a little extra work, but we want to make the best tasting bucha in Texas, not the most."

What are some of your flavors?

"We currently offer around 35 flavors. Some are seasonal only due to ingredient availability and we try to rotate the flavors weekly so no one ever gets bored."

About their shop:

"I think the shop isn't what people expect when they come in. Our kitchen/prep area is open and you can see everything we do. We have a separate fermentation room where we keep all the kombucha. If you come in to the store, you can taste our current kombucha and ginger beer flavors. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding our brews. Booth will be there to help you out and let you know what flavors are his favorite and you can enjoy conversation with him regarding bugs, football, crazy made up stories, or wrestling. You can also meet Parker, our 2 month old daughter and most likely see her sleep or watch her older brother running around. It is never a dull moment there."

At Off the Farm Food we rotate our Kombucha flavors based on the season, so the choices change every few months. You can find our current seasonal selection by clicking here.

Off the Farm food is proud to support small local businesses.

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