Rattlesnake Cracked Pepper and Chipolte Chili EVOO

250 ml. 250 ml. TX homegrown, hand-picked, non-GMO  Flavor: smoky, spicy, buttery, peppery, fruity.  We infused our Arbequina with the flavors of the southwest by combining chipotle pepper with crushed red chili pepper. Thus, this oil lends itself to be a perfect addition to classic southwest dishes like salsas, chilis, tacos, nachos, chilis rellenos, moles, etc. Yet, the smokiness from the chipotle and the firey spice from the chili pepper also make it an exciting addition to grilled meats and vegetables. And, for those who can’t get enough spice, drizzling it atop pastas, breads, and corn adds smokey heat that you won’t be able to get tired of